Monday, November 22, 2010

Supernatural Convention

One of my very first (ambitious) scrapbooking projects I made was last April.  It was ambitious in that I had never done a scrapbook before.  I don't really scrapbook as it seems so overwhelming.  So, in an effort to overcome this perception, I made my two friends a little memorial of our trip to the Supernatural Convention in Los Angeles.  (Yes, I know. Geeking out on you.)

I supplemented the scrapbook with quotes and photos that I got from the internet.
[I didn't put a lot of embellishments because I didn't want to cover the scrapbook paper that I used in the background.]


  1. Jared is my boyfriend, he just doesn't know it. I LOVE Supernatural!! I am green with envy that you were able to attend the convention! Great scrapbook!!

  2. Fun scrapbook, terrific job for a first attempt.

  3. What a fun scrapbook! It came out fabulous! :)

  4. You never cease to amaze me, kiddo! :)


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