Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wishing you a nice day...

I made this card off of a free image that I saw on Dustin Pike's blog.  He has such awesome images!
The inside of the card says "from one princess to another!"
I used Prismacolor pencils and odorless mineral spirits to shade the image.  I grabbed some of my flowers that I got at Michaels along with some pearly bling that I got on the clearance rack at Michaels.  I typed up the sentiment on my computer and I used my glittery pink gel pen to faux stitch it.  The rest of the bling was from the Recollections bling that you can buy at Michaels.

*  I watched 6 episodes in the last 5 days on HULU of "The Event."  It's a pot of "24," "LOST," and "ET" thrown in.  Considering it seems to regurgitate the story telling style of these other notable shows, it was still entertaining.
*  Windy in So Cal today--- Claritin- take me away.  And I hear it's going to rain on Saturday. (Bummer).
* I got to see Disc 1 of The Bionic Woman series from the 70's.  HOLY COW.  The first episode is actually the episode of the Six Million Dollar Man that introduces the Jamie Sommers' character.  I didn't recall that Lee Majors SANG on these early episodes...  and I use that word LOOSELY!!!   I nearly stabbed  myself in the head with my paper piercer.  AGH!!!! Nonetheless, the series has good memories for me so I will enjoy this weekend, watching the rest of the season AND scrapping.


  1. Super cute! I love this Dustin Pike image and all your added bling. ~jeni :)

  2. This is super cute!!!!!

    I got your email about the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar man, but I don't think I replied!? I was laying in bed when it came in on my cell...and I thought, "I'll answer that tomorrow" Well...duhhhh. SLACKER MARLOONEY.

    Yes, I remember HER singing "Feelings" - but I'm not sure I remember HIM singing. Didn't really matter....they were my idols...I'm tone deaf when it comes to the beauty of the bionic people. LOL.


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