Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OCD or NOT OCD... That is the question...

I thought I'd make a card to try out my new Scrappy Mom's Halloween Stamps. http://scrappymoms-stamps.blogspot.com  

As you can see, I used the Mini Monsters Cartridge for the broom and witch... and used some white gel pen on both.  I had some nicely textured silver paper and ripped it into a square.  The ribbon came from Michaels.  The sentiment is from Scrappy Mom's and it was embossed with white embossing powder onto black cardstock. I took my Martha Stewart spiderweb punch (currently on sale at Michaels for 30% off) and complete the ends to make it look like a banner.

If you notice, I didn't take a dryer sheet to the black cardstock before I stamped my sentiment and embossed it.  Momo (at madebymomo.blogspot.com) recommends that one does this to avoid static cling.  This way, you won't get those little extra particles of embossing powder on your card.

I put the banner at an angle on purpose.  I wanted to add some spontaneity and not have everything at a 90 degree angle.
... And yet... looking at it, I feel a gnawing sense of irritation. 
My unofficial diagnosis and conclusion?  OCD.


  1. OCD or not - it looks fantabulous!!!!

    Pssst...I sent a couple new people over your way. That'll keep you on your toes, and ensure you're still cranking out these cute cards regularly! Heehee!

  2. Great card, love the sentiment.

  3. Very cute!!! Thanks for the dryer sheet tip ~jeni :)


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