Sunday, October 24, 2010

Howl-o-ween Party

Today was our annual Howl-o-ween Dog Party. There was great food, costumes, and music for dancing. I made a packet of cards to donate for a raffle gift. We were so busy with all the food and dancing that we never did a raffle. Nonetheless, here is the gift bag and the 3 enclosed cards. Here are some of the dogs in costume:
From left to right: Fred, Colt, SamUL,and their friend Tobey

Tobey the tourist won first place!!!

Fred, the submarine (costume bought at Target)

Colt, the flower

SamUL, the cow- with udders... costume bought at PetsMart

Daisy, the cow girl

Barney, the punker

Whylie the bee

Hammer, the chicken

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  1. Oh how cute!!! The cards and the dogs!!!!!! I'm cracking up at the cow costume!!


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