Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Golf's Father's Day Card

My Malamute Mix, Kodi, used to love to play golf with my dad. My dad would hit the light plastic ball and Kodi would go chase it... sometimes 4 houses away. He'd bring it back to my dad (for the most part, not damaged). My dad's nickname was "Golf." All the dogs knew it. Well, it has stuck. If I tell the current pack of dogs that we're going to see Golf, they know who I'm talking about.

Here's is the Father's Day card I made this year for him with the photos of all the dogs (current and recently deceased).
Kodi is the Malamute Shepherd Mix (passed away in June 2009)
Fred is the black and white terrier
Colt is the German Shepherd mix
Emma is the Golden Retriever (passed away in June 2008)
SamUL is the Chi-weenie


  1. What a beautiful way to remember the other special family members and still honor "Dad" on his day. Your card is beautiful! Love the pups. Sorry to hear the story but they are also loved by other loved ones who have gone to heaven as their pets now. ( That is what I tell my kids)

  2. Oh no, your dog's name was NOT KODI!!! Was it?!!
    That's MY dog's name!

    Aww....sad to see that he passed away a year ago.

    Adorable card.

  3. Ahh, wonderful pictures of the pups, past and present. Bet Gold loved them too. Great card.


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