Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forget American Idols... I have Scrappin' Idols

As I indicated before, I plan to showcase the few cards I make over the year. I'm really slow at making cards. However, I have some great scrapping idols here on the net. So, if you really want to see some really awesome teachers, check out the following blogs. These women are awesome!!!!

Mary at CARDZTV (
I love your videos and how you make things "super simple" for people like me who can barely avoid gluing my fingers together. I love your cards and your videos. I made my first paper bag album from your video (and I'm in the process of making a meander album too).
Oh, I LOL each time I view your Meander 3x3 video (as you refer to a piece of scrapbook paper with "some big ugly flowers.")

Note: You may wonder why I have to view it over and over... It would be because I SUCK at scrapbooking and this is the only way I can be halfway successful.

Nicole, the Canadian Nickel (
I love your cards. They are so detailed and have so much texture and the layering!!! You make it an art. I wish I could blend pens like you do. For those out there looking for some unique paper gifts, check out her "exploding scrapbook" and "Father's Day wallet." OH, and her soot technique video... oh, and her homemade apple pie recipe.... Oh... and FORGET IT- JUST GO VISIT HER SITE!!!! She's really talented.

Marlene... ( :
I hope one day to see Marlene either on Amateur Night at the Improv or see her books on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. She infuses life, scrapbooking, rants, and vocabulary into one big spitwad and then hurls it through the net, straight at your computer.
I have a card that I won on Marlene's site that I keep on my scrapbook desk as inspiration of what I can do (if I had any sense of color coordination and if I could color in the lines). Having said all this, even if you don't scrapbook, her blog will keep you in stitches, make you think, and she even teaches you new words.

Momo... (
Momo and her sidekick, Hero, make some wonderful cards that (quite frankly), I don't know where she gets all these ideas from. She has a great ability to make some really cute cards with her cricut machine and some duct tape (haha, like MacGyver). No, seriously, she can just pull images from different cartridges, slap on some glue or weld it with Design Studio (Cricut Design Studio), add some bling and BAM! Great cards!!!! And, on top of that, she is just a really nice, supportive, friendly mentor to all of us who are trying to learn how to do things better.

So, thank you to all of you who made videos or showcased fabulous cards.

There will be no videos on this site, unless it's of the Chi-weenie running down the hall with my glue dots trailing after him.... I tend to bite my fingernails and (well, to put it nicely), they're not visually pleasing.

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